Monday, 17 October 2011

start of a new life

Today has been a positive day for me, not only have things been going right, but I got to see my new born baby nephew today. I don't see myself as an emotional rock, but I don't turn into a blabbering mess watching a chick flick either, but today I felt like I was happy for the first time in a long time. Holding a baby less than 24 hours old had me thinking about the future this child would have, would he be a talented athlete? Would he be the most popular person in his class? Will he be humanitarian and give to people what they cannot reach? All these things were running through my mind, as I looked at his tiny face. His entire future ahead of him, and a lot of it could and would be decided by his family. If he is fortunate enough to have a family that is not torn apart by anything and has a support base. This is not to say people in split families have no choice but it is certainly easier for kids with just two parents.
We all have to admit none of us are perfect, and let's be honest none of us will ever be, is this because of our choices? Our family? Our friends? Is everything we do influenced by our first few days, weeks, months, years of our lives? Our family definitely has an influence on our life, every step of it in fact. You make friends with people who your parents generally approve of, and sometimes ones who they do not (depending on what phase you're going through) you date people based on the values your parents have brought you up on. Maybe, just maybe, he could be a good person, and exceed the stereotypes laid upon people.
This is only a short blog because I am in the middle of an organisational crisis, and have other priorities but I promise that they will continue to come out in a sporadic fashion.
My witty comment of the week:

To the optimist, the bag of chips is half full,

To the pessimist, the bag of chips is half empty,

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