Tuesday, 20 September 2011

first blog

Hey my name is Ted, this is my first Blog, I'm writing this purely because I have an assignment due tomorrow and wish to procrastinate in every possible way. I have always wanted to get my message out into the world, just didn't know what format. I thought of having a youtube VLOG but that would not have worked for me as I tend to ramble and it is very hard to edit video but incredibly easy to edit text. I hope to write a Blog every week with topics ranging from my university course (education) to simple things such as what I've been thinking about.
About me:
As I've stated my name is Ted, I'm an Australian and study education at university. I do spend most of my time socialising and debating about random things with my mates and find that these debates help define who I am. I also spend a lot of time involved with sports, I am a rowing coach with a local school and have had a particularly succesful rowing career whilst at school, I am also involved with the sport of Ultimate frisbee, it is a very fun sport, one of my future blogs will be on this topic. I am engaged online in many forums including josefvstalin.com I know it looks incredibly communist but I am open to all political debates and have not made a choice on the matter, I just enjoy the community that has come about because of the videos that comrade stalin creates. On youtube I enjoy the videos from many gaming people including Seananners, Hutch and Mr Sark, creative videos from Freddiew and tobuscus (mainly his literals) and finally bloggers like Nerimon, Charlieissocoollike and godsteeth. These people are all incredibly talented and I hope that I one day will have a following similar to theirs.
Any way, back to that assignment, it's an assignment based on the teaching of proficient reading to children in the middle years. This would be fine if I didn't have to reference anything, referencing is possibly a student's worst enemy, it takes far too long and you actually need to make sure it is accurate. If I ever write anything with a statement that isn't mine I will reference it for those that wish to quote me or would like to read further into the topic.
My aim:
My aim for this blog is to have people read understand and debate over the topics I write about. I welcome all types of constructive criticism but have no time for trolls. My passions for life will often be the topic for these posts and hope that this blog can become a passion.
Witty comment for the week:
Time is the best teacher, unfortunately it kills all of its students.

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